Monday, November 23, 2009

Behind the Scenes: Suburbia Shopping on a Saturday

Craig Dershowitz, Seth Wolfson and Tara Gordon travelled to Marianne Pane's New Jersey Compound to plan the next 6 months of A4I world domination. Before that, though, we decided to enjoy the many wonders of a good ol' fashioned NJ-style suburban food-shopping experience. Take that, Fresh Direct!

Did you know that in NJ, supermarkets have jewelry stores?

Or, that they sell Monkey Bread. For those who have never heard of this cinnamony-treat, listen to a Kanye West song or two. He actually mentions it a lot.

Gourmet cheeses - which is not to be confused with their "international cheese" aisle or their "party cheese" aisle.

Free samples. We had this in Brooklyn too. We called it opening the package of cookies, eating them and putting them back on the shelf before getting to the register.

That is Fardito. He is a dragon.

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