Friday, November 20, 2009

Behind the Scenes

Artists 4 Israel got down with SUEWORKS and RONE out in Jersey City to make the t-shirts for the CYJP and Birthright Israel NEXT, NY Fashion/Passion Event.

We started the day in a housing project in Jersey City, spray-painting outdoors. We were approached by a couple of young cats from the neighborhood. One of them asked "why you doing this stuff for the Jews?"

SUE kept Craig Dershowitz from slapping the youngster right back into his mother and, instead, our easily angered President, sat the misinformed youths down and broke down the history of the Jewish people, their role in the Civil Rights Movement and informed them that the rapper Drake was Jewish. We think they only cared about the last part.

They were, rightfully, more interested in getting involved in the art and, so, we let them make some shirts with us. As they did so, we discussed Israel and the arts and, we believe, won over some new fans.

As night fell, we dipped back into Rone's apartment and finished up the shirts. This is when madness ensued. Luckily, Seth Wolfson came through to document the experience and the massive amounts of terrible food we ate and drank.

And, that was your behind the scenes look at the creative process.

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