Sunday, July 19, 2009

Gawker gets to First Base with Anti-Semitism

After having begun the mating ritual with Anti-Semitism in its Wait, Is Tyler Perry Jewish post discussed HERE, it now seems that Gawker is getting a little tongue action.

In its post Knock-Knock, It's your Friendly Neighborhood Nazi, Gawker takes its snarky, nothing matters but my own wit and ability to ironically pun, style to downplay the horrific actions of Nazi war-criminals.

Explaining the relativism by which so many artists avoid having any moral standards, Gawker explains:

On the one hand, these former Nazis have worked hard to escape their past and become upstanding members of society. On the other hand, they did keep malnourished concentration camp prisoners from escaping using attack dogs. Kiiiinda hard to let that slide.

And, then, ends the post with the obnoxious:

Nazis! They're our neighbors, our grandpas, our soldiers, the father of our children. Stop the fucking madness!

I don't know about you, but, i like my dead grandparents and major world disasters with a slight bit more reverence and a whole lot less shtick.

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