Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The EU colonizes Israel

In academia, what the EU is doing in Israel, via its support for certain political parties and persuasions in Israel, is known as "neo-colonialism." Can you imagine if Israel actually funded certain political parties in the EU? Israel is NOT doing that - and yet despite NOT doing that, there is a scare mongering of the frightening "Israel lobby."

The EU has realized that it cannot get what it wants from Israel via traditional diplomatic means, and so it has resorted to paying for certain political influence within the state.

Well, in any case, Artists 4 Israel doesn't need the millions of dollars that other un-named organizations which falsely claim to value "peace" get from foreign sources. We are all volunteer and are doing everything through hard work and creativity. Everything we accomplish is done through our work, and is not a product of neo-colonialist foreign enterprises.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Peres depicted 'bowing' to Erdogan in Turkey

Shimon Peres, the President of Israel, was recently depicted 'bowing' to Turkish PM Erdogan in a banner unfurled in Turkey.

I find the picture rather comical. JPost calls this a 'bow,' but I think it is clear that it is of Peres giving Erdogan a bj, and modeled after the famous Davos crybaby incident of Erdogan's (last year). Somehow in a country not known for being receptive to homosexuality, this poster is acceptable.

This sort of childish inanity does not exhibit a strong society or a strong country. The world press had so much 'concern' over Danny Ayalon's bruhaha with a Turkish Foreign Minister, but somehow it is doubtful that they will cry foul over a building-sized banner of a bj.

I am proud (and I think we all should be proud) to be affiliated with a country that does not resort to cheap and tawdry gay baiting to make a point.

Israeli Ballet Scares Displaced Jordanians!

Apparently, Israeli ballet terrifies Adalah, which is an 'action group' for Displaced Jordanians known as 'Palestinians.'

A group of protestors in Burlington, Vermont interrupted a ballet performance of a touring Israeli ballet company last Friday, claiming that the ballet supported 'apartheid.' In fact, as we all know, Israeli society is pluralistic, and open to people of all religious and ethnic persuasions. Of course, the same cannot be said of 'Palestinian' society, where women have been arrested for the 'crime' of laughing. (Somehow the 'action group' Adalah 'forgot' to protest that one!)

Because Israeli society is as far from 'apartheid' as it gets, and there is total lack of even a scintilla of truth to the 'apartheid' claim, the only reason I can ultimately gather for this concern over Israeli ballet is that Adalah has a fear of leotards and tights.

Deceptively Undermining Society

Friends Forever

Artists 4 Israel's friends CASH4, NOHJCOLEY and others from the East Williamsburg section of Brooklyn are hosting an art show. Unlike so many of these street art fairs that don't really do much - this promises to be an actual collection of some ground-breaking work. Shoot, last time POSTER BOY was involved in an event, it ended with him in handcuffs. Big up to CASH4 and the New Brooklyn Collective.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Learn all about our trip to Israel HERE

The Sincerest Form of Flattery

Basing things on our model is always a smart idea. Look HERE

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

James Cameron supports A4I's message

In contrast to the lie that was being spread (by the usual thugs) that James Cameron supports a boycott of Israeli filmmakers, James Cameron (and Jane Fonda, someone known as not generally friendly to Israel!) came out against a boycott of Israeli films.

See the story here.

The whole thing is quasi-comical. The Displaced Jordanians demonstrate as little Avatar elfin figures, implicitly pretending to speak for the message of the movie, and the director of Avatar lays down the smackdown on the attempted boycott of Israeli films. Just priceless.

In any case, Israel has quite the bustling film industry, and Hollywood would be only hurting itself through a boycott - it is with pride that I write about Ajami, an Israeli film that is nominated for an Academy Award (best foreign film), representing Israel's third Academy Award nomination in a row!

Ultimately, James Cameron's message is A4I's message - Art, not propaganda!

Monday, February 15, 2010


When an artist comes to us and wants to support Israel - we never say no.
Dov is a friend to Israel and a talented artist.
Join him and the Aish Center as we review his Kabbalah inspired works.

Models and Mimosas

Have brunch with us!

Charles James Reilly III

CJ is making quite a name for himself in A4I land. He is teaching this month's (S)kin class and accompanying our artistic mission to Israel. Enjoy two pictures of his unique illustrated-collage style.

Now, you are just being silly

Displaced Jordanians, referring to themselves as "Palestinians" have stooped to new levels of pop-culture manipulation and unadulterated buffoonery in their most recent protests. They have painted themselves blue and worn loincloths and wigs in emulation of characters in the movie Avatar.

I am unsure what message they are trying to send. But, if they are attempting to convince me that "Palestinians" are a made-up "people" who don't exist except except in fictional stories used to milk money from an audience they mainly consider to be "customers" - well, that I understood a long time ago.

Or, maybe they are just explaining that they are blue. Or, that they walk on clouds. I just don't know.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

A not-so-vicious CYCLE

If he is good enough for TIME OUT NY, he is good enough for us. CYCLE TC5 is a legendary graffiti artist from the golden era of NY Graff and a celebrated muralist.

He has joined Artists 4 Israel's Murality Artistic Mission to Israel.


Belin: From Spain to Israel with Love

Belin, a street artist from Spain most known for his photo-surrealism work joins Artists 4 Israel on Murality, our Artistic Mission to Israel. Belin is most well known to non-art fans for supplying the giant portraits of tattoo artists on the t.v. show L.A. Ink.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A4I is the Greatest

In the past two weeks, Artists 4 Israel has been involved with four events. We have reached over 500 people. We have created countless works of art and inspired people.

In this time, I assume you other orgs have...what...maybe held a meeting? Suckers!

ISRAMERICA: Our Sister Is All Grows Up

Isramerica continues to showcase the best of Israeli and Jewish talent in New York.

Congratulations to Sivan and Sharon for being the talented and lovely masterminds behind this incredible program.

You make us strive to be better.

Afghani (S)kin

Thank you all for coming to an incredible (S)kin event. We had two beautiful models, Peter Buotte teaching each artist how to "feel" and hookahs being passed around.