Tuesday, September 18, 2012

3.3 Mill for Rushdie's Death - Do I hear 4?

Salman Rushdie, known for dating out of his league and also for being one of the greatest living authors will be one of the greatest dead authors if the 15 of Khordad Foundation has its way. The Khordad Foundation, a group that supports the Ayatollah and his attempts to destroy Israel, the US and good literature, has just added $500,000 to the Fatwa against Sir Rushdie bringing the grand total to $3.3 million.

I happen to think that Salman could go higher. He is at least a 4 million man and, I would argue, upwards of 6. The 15 of Khordad Foundation blames Sir Rushdie for causing the creation of the Innocence of Muslims (all things considered, a satirical title) and use that as justification for the price increase. If that is the case - why not blame him for other things - the terrible new Zadie Smith novel, the disappointing performance of Matthew Perry in NBC's Go On or the fact that no one has yet found a suitable movie role for Steve Guttenberg. I mean, seriously, that man is an acting genius!

The Khordad Foundation has provided no proof that they even have the $500,000 available upon payment and I don't know, were I one who was into murdering people as a form of literary criticism, if I would trust a group such as theirs. Let's hope we never find out if they are good for it.

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Friday, September 14, 2012

An Orthodox Jewish Rapper and a.... walk into a Press Conference

At the Jerusalem Music Conference, Alpha Blondy, the artist formerly known as Shyne, SAZ and Orphaned Land came together to discuss boycotts, good music and the power of art to unify.

Does anyone else wish they could have seen Shyne and Kobi Farhi (lead singer of Orphaned Land) dialoguing. Brilliant for sure.

Article HERE

Thursday, September 13, 2012


The BDS Have a New Logo...

....and it kind of looks like ours.

Stencil font, overspray, symbols.

Guys - it was bad enough when you ran around trying to convince people to not make art. Now, you are going around stealing our art.
Seriously, you suck!

Who the Fuck Cares who Sam Bacile is?

We all know the facts:

Some individual, claiming to be named Sam Bacile (kind of rhymes with imbecile), made a movie trailer that depicts and, depending on your opinions on child molestation from a prophet, insults Mohammed. Then, a bunch of Muslims rioted, burnt shit and killed people. Lets get the facts straight. All of the above happened. No one is denying any of it.

What is not as factually known is:

Who this Sam Bacile imbecile is. Someone claiming to be Sam claims that he is an Israeli businessman in the real estate field. Immediately, Israelis, Jewish-Americans, real estate developers, Israeli real estate developers, Jewish-American real estate developers, people who have been to Israel, people who have bought houses while speaking to an Israeli, actual houses themselves, etc., etc., etc. are denying that the filmmaker even exists but, they assure you - if he does - he is not one of them.

What this leads me to believe:

We are all so freaking scared. Muslims (decide whether or not you wish to add the word "fundamentalist" or "radical" as a qualifier) killed people and many other Muslims spoke out against it but even more supported the killings and even more kept their mouths shut adding tacit acceptance to this wholesale carnage. For some who dislike Israel, murder is fine. But, to a man, Israelis and Jews can barely even support the right of a man (real or fictional) to make a film (even if it is insulting).

Balls up, Israel. Balls up.

Graffiti in Israel: Another Paper Learns

The Times of Israel gets to the party three years late and realizes that there is this crazy little artistic movement called graffiti.

Read Article HERE

Press: The Jewish Chronicle

The Jewish Chronicle goes behind the scenes with Artists 4 Israel HERE

Lebanese Band Commits Suicide

Beirut Spring, an impressive Lebanese blogger, has made some salient points regarding Mashrou Leila, the Lebanese rock band that cancelled their position as the opening band for the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

No need for me to gild the lily here. Read BeirutSpring's words HERE and quoted as calling them "the first artistic suicide bombers who have killed off their career for a dubious cause." Dubious is putting it mildly.

Thank you, Mustapha, for your courage to speak truthfully.

Press: Pitt News Video

SEE VIDEO HERE: The funny thing is the video caught the only two protestors that were there! Everyone else was spraypainting and enjoying themselves.

Press: Pittsburgh Jewish Chronicle

Read the story HERE

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Batsheva - An Insider's Perspective

Jackie Kemp, granddaughter of Robert Kemp, co-founder of the Edinburgh Festival, weighs in on the attempts by the terrorist sympathizers of the BDS and their related organizations to ban Batsheva from performing. Article Here.

Although they were incapable of stopping the show - they did cause many disruptions within the show. As Jackie understands, these disruptions are a disgrace to art and a slap in the face against the very purpose of the Festival.

As Jackie points out, the Edinburgh Festival was created after World War II to bring art back to a world that had been stripped of it in the raping violence of war. Today, the anti-Israel crowd continues to want to leave us in the darkness and fear of their terror.

I applaud Jackie's willingness to speak truth to the lies. I applaud Batsheva's courage to continue their award-winning beautiful work in the face of tyranny and I applaud all artists who bring us light.

Michael Jordan Loves Israel...Maybe

This is a great story about a brave, Australian women who owns a sneaker store and has the courage to stand up to the threats, harassment and intimidation of a handful of BDS hooligans. The entire article is chock full of inspiring quotes by individuals in Australia who refuse to be bullied by the terrorist supporting BDSers. Bravo.

Even more awesome is the above picture. This is a "illustration" of a shoe. I think it is based on a Nike Jordan 7 or 8. Just a little confused why they didn't show an actual shoe.