Thursday, September 13, 2012

Who the Fuck Cares who Sam Bacile is?

We all know the facts:

Some individual, claiming to be named Sam Bacile (kind of rhymes with imbecile), made a movie trailer that depicts and, depending on your opinions on child molestation from a prophet, insults Mohammed. Then, a bunch of Muslims rioted, burnt shit and killed people. Lets get the facts straight. All of the above happened. No one is denying any of it.

What is not as factually known is:

Who this Sam Bacile imbecile is. Someone claiming to be Sam claims that he is an Israeli businessman in the real estate field. Immediately, Israelis, Jewish-Americans, real estate developers, Israeli real estate developers, Jewish-American real estate developers, people who have been to Israel, people who have bought houses while speaking to an Israeli, actual houses themselves, etc., etc., etc. are denying that the filmmaker even exists but, they assure you - if he does - he is not one of them.

What this leads me to believe:

We are all so freaking scared. Muslims (decide whether or not you wish to add the word "fundamentalist" or "radical" as a qualifier) killed people and many other Muslims spoke out against it but even more supported the killings and even more kept their mouths shut adding tacit acceptance to this wholesale carnage. For some who dislike Israel, murder is fine. But, to a man, Israelis and Jews can barely even support the right of a man (real or fictional) to make a film (even if it is insulting).

Balls up, Israel. Balls up.

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