Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Team

sKi2esAe and NFDELenz. It is too complex to decipher, so don't worry about the cypher.

Wake up. Drive 6 hours. Build a wall. Burners. Burners. Burners. Educate. Reach one. Teach one. Take down a wall. Drive 6 miles. Eat mushroom caps. Go back to life. Make art. Love Israel.

A Tribute to Jayne Taylor Levenberg

The PSU 4 ISRAEL mural says it all: Jayne was Responsible. Very true. In under 4 months, she united every Jewish and Israel advocacy organization on campus (no small feat), defeated the enemies of Israel who tried to stop her (and when I say defeat - I mean a true KO - a Mike Tyson style destruction), bought a tent, was a good daughter, got enough credits to graduate early, and was so organized as to force Artists 4 Israel to do our job even better than we ever have before. She was responsible, organized, passionate, dedicated, tenacious, charming and unstoppable.

Jayne - it is no joke. You have a pending job offer. We trust you to be responsible for a lot more.

The Clothes Make the Man

Who is that wearing an official A4I shirt? Well, it is the Director of Academic Affairs for the Consulate General of Israel - that's who!

A4I's Art at Penn State

The People of Penn State

Penn State: The Creative Process

Penn State Supports Israel

Yes, we are.

50 sheets of wood, 20 2x4's, 10 L brackets, 5 gallons of paint. Isn't this how all non-profits buy office supplies?

SKI prepares some introductory materials for the PSU campus.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

(S)kin brunch

I look forward to seeing you all this Sunday for a special brunch (S)kin!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

RIP Juliano Mer-Khamis

Juliano Mer-Khamis, an actor most recently known for his role in the piece of puff propaganda and buffoonery known as MIRAL has been shot dead inside the West Bank.

The papers will report this as a story of "life imitating art" as the film decries the rough and violent (and fake) world Palestinians face living so near to Israel. But, Miral is a lie, a fabrication of exploitation and violence porn intended not as a work of art but as an advertisement for phony Palestinian suffering. Instead, this is an example of "life being offended by a used car commercial masquerading as art and showing what real life is." In this case, real life is that 80% of Palestinians would rather live under Israeli control because, in Israel, they have freedoms, rights and safety but in their own communities, they have dictators, violent thugs, a culture obsessed with death and a near-sighted arts community making films about lies and misinformation. In this case, Juliano had many happy, free, life-affirming moments in Israel and only met his end when the Hamas bullies that terrorize Israel found him in their way and ended his life.

As an arts organization, Artists 4 Israel mourns the passing of any actor. We hope that his death will not be misused by the propagandists of Palestine and will, instead, cast a truthful light on the violent, thuggish nature of the enemy Israel faces everyday. We hope that artists will stop making lies and start looking seriously and honestly at the situation in the Middle East!

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Friday, April 1, 2011

About Us

Artists 4 Israel is a community of creative individuals working together in an on-going, collaborative project expressing Israel's right to exist in peace and security. Beautifully effective, shockingly creative!

You can find more information about our programs here:

Artists 4 Israel: General information about a majority of our programs.
Murality: Paint Israel: We bring famous, international graffiti artists to paint messages of hope and support throughout Israel.
Bomb Shelter Museum: Our Bomb Shelter Museum brings the reality of life in Israel, under the constant threat of terror attacks from Hamas, to public locations around New York.
Dershowitz Center for Pro-Israel Art: Our working think-tank, studying anti-Israel propaganda and creating art work to counter-act it.

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