Monday, August 30, 2010

Meeting of Styles as sponsored by Artists 4 Israel

Preparing the Evidence

Getting ready for our Photographic Evidence

True and Funny

Ame72 makes bad friends

On his trip to New York, AME72 met some other old school vandals. Shouts to RD and DE3 from 357 Mafia.

Turning the Government Against Itself

Eating with Ame72

Ame72, one of our Israeli artists, came to town. And, we provided him with what he calls "dirty American food."

Monday, August 23, 2010

This Weekend - A4I Sponsors Historic Graffiti Event

September 14th

Surveillance Gone Too Far

Just put the salami down and no one gets hurt.

Pop-Up Pop-Tart

If Artists 4 Israel ever quit doing advocacy work, you will probably find me managing one of these places.

Dean Radinovsky Finds G-d, and WCNY

Those of you who came to our (S)kin Life Drawing classes will remember Dean Radinovsky. He led one of our more famous classes at The Garment Room in Soho. Good to see that since we stopped (S)kin, he has found something quite incredible to do. Congrats, Dean!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Painting in the (P)ark, This Sunday



Fifth Avenue and 105th Street on the South/West corner. Please call 413-348-8518 if you are going to be any later than 4pm. We will be painting at the below link:

Painting in the (P)ark; A4I’s Summer Painting Class:
Painting in the (P)ark represents a place of peace and artistry. (P), standing for the People of Art, and Ark representing a place of refuge for artists.
The Park is a covenant between the city and its people, a promise that a space of natural beauty and connection to the land will always remain free. We connect with the people of Israel and the lovers of natural beauty through this public space.
Inspiring artist Elke Reva Sudin, known for her Hipsters and Hassid’s paintings, whose work has been featured throughout New York, captures the essence of people and place coexisting. She will be leading eight classes, painting New York’s beautiful land and cityscapes in Central Park.
Classes will be held on the below dates from 4pm-6pm. The cost is $20.00 per class in advance through eventbrite. There is no painting experience necessary. WE NOW HAVE ART SUPPLIES FOR YOU, INQUIRE ABOUT THEM IF INTERESTED. 


Aug 22nd, Aug 29th, Sept 5th, Sept 19th

For more information about the class please email , otherwise please save your spot by purchasing ticket here.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Artists 4 Israel Planning Its Response to the Ground Zero Mosque Controversy

Sites of Our Work

Could you believe that we are planning something graffiti-esque in some place as beautiful as this? We are.

We Found Jesus

No commentary or editorializing here. Just saw both these guys within a block of each other and found it humorous.

A Nice Note

From an A4I volunteer vacationing in the momma land:

Wish I could be there, but I am in Israel! The good news is that all the locals know about A4I. My family in Israel knows about A4I, and I never even told them before!!! This work is literally making a real difference in a tangible way.

Artists 4 Israel Sponsors Meeting of Styles - The Largest and Most Well Known Graffiti Jam in the World

Press: Unique Photo

Artists 4 Israel create largest 3D graffiti mural in America and discuss their historic mission to Israel.


Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Vote for The Herbert


Please vote for HERBERT HOLLER! Creator of the weekly legendary dance party knows as Freedom, Herbert is one of the city's most beloved DJs and works REALLY hard to keep living his dream. I met him a long time ago at the now-defunct Lot 61. I was the door man, he was the DJ, and as soon as I heard him whining about something or other, I knew we'd be friends. He has a big head, but that's something he was born with, not something he's developed from being such a great selector. Yeah…We had our little arguments every now and then, about people on his list and all that bullshit, but it was just business, and probably more about to do with the fact that I was always the coolest Jew in the club.

That is, until Herbert showed up.


Anyways…He needs your help, gosh dang it!!! Go to the link above, sign in using either your Facebook, Myspace, Google, Yahoo, Twitter or OpenID account, then vote! You can even vote again by signing out, then signing back in with whatever account you have on the network listed. So, for example, if you use Facebook to sign in, sign out and use Myspace to sign in, then sign out and use Yahoo, etc. etc. You can do it up to 6 times, depending on how many of the listed networks you have accounts with!!


Vote for Herbert Holler now!!!!


Monday, August 16, 2010

150 Irish Artists Boycott Israel: A Perfect Train Wreck

I am a huge fan of the Irish contribution to arts and culture. From the incredible sass of a Michael Flately dance to the Pope-picture-ripping glory that is Sinead O'Connor, I am all about it. Shoot, to this day, I still wear my USPS baseball cap in silent homage to House of Pain. So, needless to say, I wasn't about to "Jump Around" with happiness when I read about the 150 Irish artists who pledged to boycott Israel.

I was concerned that some important thinkers, artists and performers would be on the list. I searched in vain for James Joyce's name or Bono. Thankfully, no. What I found on the list, instead, were a whole bunch of people that no one, save for the few sheep in the nearby field they practice near, had ever heard of nor cared about.

Their action is about as sincere as me "boycotting" the Presidential Election that I could not run for, will not run for nor be elected for. This is a fun game. I am going to start "boycotting" everything I can not have. Nowhere near Philadelphia for lunch today so I am "boycotting" a cheesesteak. I am a Knicks fan (woe unto me) so I am "boycotting" wins this season. Fairly certain that I will be up late tonight - so, call the media, alert the press - I am "boycotting" sleep.

Perhaps there is some sort of ulterior, more sinister motive for their actions?

Raymond Deane, the self-declared "cultural boycott officer," (whatever that means) says “The bravest of all [who are taking part in this illusionary boycott] are the ones you’ve never heard of because they are the ones who really want to make it...” Whoa. Did you just admit that? So, the most vocal about doing this press-worthy boycott are the performers who want...get attention. Well, I'll be damned. Note to Ray-Ray: That was the part of the whole conspiracy shebang that you were supposed to keep secret, you fool.

Of the supposedly more famous names on this list, I did a little research. And, not surprisingly, almost every single one came back as being a "folk singer" who had a history of making stupid, uneducated, grand political announcements and opinions. To a man, these were people who would never be invited or wanted to play in Israel and who would rather say something controversial and "cool" seeming then logically, intelligently and honestly consider a problematic situation and offer a real assessment or solution.

So, what we have here is the blind leading the desperate and all led by a fool. What a lovely train wreck.

150 Irish Artists Boycott aka No one that Matters, Cares

Preparing for the Pictures of Peace Show

Press: Local Artist Makes Good

At 26, C.J. has already made a name for himself as a designer, animator, illustrator and graphic artist both in the United States and abroad...This past spring he traveled to Israel to join graffiti artists to paint murals with collage and distressed painting techniques on bomb shelters and an indoor recreational center in Israel, at the Gaza border. Artists 4 Israel, the New York based non-profit organization that sponsored the trip, defined the mission as an opportunity to foster artistic exchanges between Israeli and international artists to promote peaceful and multicultural environments.

At the end of the day, after all the politics and struggle, it is still nice to see these stories. Hometown hero returns. Local artist makes good. All of it and then some. We are artists. We are people you know. Just trying to make a little difference. Thank you, C.J.

Read Full Article HERE

Thursday, August 12, 2010

How does Artists 4 Israel celebrate Good News?

With Cuban Food. Of course!

Can we finish it all?

Did you even need to ask?

Press: Jerusalem Post

The Jerusalem Post continues to talk about the only thing worth talking about.....Artists 4 Israel. READ ARTICLE HERE