Thursday, August 19, 2010

Painting in the (P)ark, This Sunday



Fifth Avenue and 105th Street on the South/West corner. Please call 413-348-8518 if you are going to be any later than 4pm. We will be painting at the below link:

Painting in the (P)ark; A4I’s Summer Painting Class:
Painting in the (P)ark represents a place of peace and artistry. (P), standing for the People of Art, and Ark representing a place of refuge for artists.
The Park is a covenant between the city and its people, a promise that a space of natural beauty and connection to the land will always remain free. We connect with the people of Israel and the lovers of natural beauty through this public space.
Inspiring artist Elke Reva Sudin, known for her Hipsters and Hassid’s paintings, whose work has been featured throughout New York, captures the essence of people and place coexisting. She will be leading eight classes, painting New York’s beautiful land and cityscapes in Central Park.
Classes will be held on the below dates from 4pm-6pm. The cost is $20.00 per class in advance through eventbrite. There is no painting experience necessary. WE NOW HAVE ART SUPPLIES FOR YOU, INQUIRE ABOUT THEM IF INTERESTED. 


Aug 22nd, Aug 29th, Sept 5th, Sept 19th

For more information about the class please email , otherwise please save your spot by purchasing ticket here.

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