Monday, August 16, 2010

150 Irish Artists Boycott Israel: A Perfect Train Wreck

I am a huge fan of the Irish contribution to arts and culture. From the incredible sass of a Michael Flately dance to the Pope-picture-ripping glory that is Sinead O'Connor, I am all about it. Shoot, to this day, I still wear my USPS baseball cap in silent homage to House of Pain. So, needless to say, I wasn't about to "Jump Around" with happiness when I read about the 150 Irish artists who pledged to boycott Israel.

I was concerned that some important thinkers, artists and performers would be on the list. I searched in vain for James Joyce's name or Bono. Thankfully, no. What I found on the list, instead, were a whole bunch of people that no one, save for the few sheep in the nearby field they practice near, had ever heard of nor cared about.

Their action is about as sincere as me "boycotting" the Presidential Election that I could not run for, will not run for nor be elected for. This is a fun game. I am going to start "boycotting" everything I can not have. Nowhere near Philadelphia for lunch today so I am "boycotting" a cheesesteak. I am a Knicks fan (woe unto me) so I am "boycotting" wins this season. Fairly certain that I will be up late tonight - so, call the media, alert the press - I am "boycotting" sleep.

Perhaps there is some sort of ulterior, more sinister motive for their actions?

Raymond Deane, the self-declared "cultural boycott officer," (whatever that means) says “The bravest of all [who are taking part in this illusionary boycott] are the ones you’ve never heard of because they are the ones who really want to make it...” Whoa. Did you just admit that? So, the most vocal about doing this press-worthy boycott are the performers who want...get attention. Well, I'll be damned. Note to Ray-Ray: That was the part of the whole conspiracy shebang that you were supposed to keep secret, you fool.

Of the supposedly more famous names on this list, I did a little research. And, not surprisingly, almost every single one came back as being a "folk singer" who had a history of making stupid, uneducated, grand political announcements and opinions. To a man, these were people who would never be invited or wanted to play in Israel and who would rather say something controversial and "cool" seeming then logically, intelligently and honestly consider a problematic situation and offer a real assessment or solution.

So, what we have here is the blind leading the desperate and all led by a fool. What a lovely train wreck.

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  1. Please: bono as an important thinker/performer/artiste???

    Someone to mention in the same breath as James Joyce???

    NO NO NO!!!

    As for the irish, apart from the Ulster Irish, they have already submitted to islam. I consider them to be muslims.