Sunday, November 28, 2010

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This is how the Samaria was won!

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Considering that it was Thanksgiving in America at the time we were at the home of the Steel Cats, we thought it would make sense to give gifts.

There wasn't much, but it was very meaningful. They gave us fleece coats to chase away the cold and we give them cans of spray paint to add some color to their lives.

Everyone was very happy.

Reference Pictures

When we asked for a reference of a tank - this is what they provided.

When we told them we needed something more realistic, they obliged.

And, when we asked for a picture of a soldier...this happened:

IDF Army Base = 1970's Bronx

For us graffiti artists that grew up on jams in the park, seeing this set up to play music at the army base brought back fond memories. While we painted pictures of them and their tanks, they played 80s hip-hop. Perfect!

Weapons of Mass Creation

Murality 2, Day 4: The Steel Cats