Tuesday, November 2, 2010

'Sanity rally' is Nobel

So many individuals and institutions are famous for legitimizing terrorists and terrorist sympathizers.

One such institution is the Nobel Prize, which famously issued a 'peace prize' to Yassir Arafat. They also featured a Peace Prize concert, where Cat Stevens (now known as Yusuf Islam) performed in 2006. It seems that Jon Stewart and his 'Sanity Rally' on October 30, 2010 followed suit with the Nobel Prize committee to legitimize someone who openly supports terrorism and genocide.

On October 30th, Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert jointly held a 'Sanity rally' in Washington D.C., calling on the media to tone down the rhetoric. The only problem is that this so-called 'Sanity rally' featured an Islamic supremacist (Yusuf Islam) who has previously wished for the death of another artist, Salman Rushdie, and has donated to and supported the genocidal organization, Hamas.

Here are some of the facts about Cat Stevens/Yusuf Islam:

It is all the more ironic that Yusuf Islam is the singer of "Peace Train," a song that has absolutely no relevance to a man who has openly called for the death of writers and intellectuals, as well as Jews. And Jon Stewart, a Jew, featured him at a rally that was supposed to promote 'sanity'!

What is even more ironic than all this is that Jon Stewart previously railed against the Islamic group that threatened Comedy Central over the Muhammad South Park cartoon. He called for freedom of expression. Yet at his very 'sanity' concert, he featured an aging and otherwise irrelevant musician who has called for the death of other artists! More amazing beyond that, Salman Rushdie, who has had to live in hiding for decades since the fatwa on his head after he wrote Satanic Verses, personally contacted Jon Stewart about Islam's appearance at the 'sanity' concert. Stewart brushed aside Rushdie's concerns!

Artists 4 Israel stands for artistic freedom and supports Israel as a country which benefits from the very freedom that Yusuf Islam so despises. If Stevens/Islam has changed his mind about his support for the murder of Salman Rushdie and open support for Jewish genocide, then he should publicly say so. But until he does, it is appalling that Jon Stewart would support genocide and terrorizing censorship via Yusuf Islam's appearance on stage at the 'sanity rally.'

Sadly, it appears that Jon Stewart too is Nobel and not noble.

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