Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Six Days till Eternity

Maybe you've never been that far in the Negev. Maybe you did not see the oasis - a near mirage - that is B'nei Netzarim, but the Israeli soldiers have. In fact, in the Six Day War, many of our young men and women lost their lives defending every grain of sun-kissed sand that stood between our oasis and their attacking ambitions. Their blood dripped into that sand and continued a 5,000 year tradition of proud Jewish blood that has become part of the land we so tirelessly defend, cultivate and hold dear.

This is their memorial. Built entirely of Jerusalem stone and armored division pieces - casualties of a hope for a free, independent future.

When SKI saw this, he questioned the rocks on top of each memorial piece. When he saw the ages of the deceased - some as young as 17 - he decided to pay his last respects.

I couldn't tell him the religious interpretation as to why the rocks on the headstones. Can you help me?

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