Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Art Work by the Children of Sderot

Hip-Hop for Israel

Annie Albagli is Trapped

She is trapped inside her shelter. After only 5 minutes, it gets very tight in there.

Ticky Tocky Bomb Shelters Laid Out End to End

We are building one bomb shelter. When the walls are laid out end to end, they take up half a block. Makes you wonder how much room it would take up if you laid out all 200plus shelters in Sderot. And the ones in Ashkelon or Ashdod. Or, the ones up north.

Imagine how far we'd get if these were a bridge for us to travel and not a shelter to hide within.

Dirty Words by Louis Proyect

Hey Louie -

Got your e-mail. You get points for brevity. Nice to know your letters are as comprehensive as your intellect.

Dreyfus A. Diallo

Monday, July 26, 2010

The Artist Jew by Artists 4 Israel

Artists 4 Israel is not a Jewish organization. Being an artist and supporting Israel is not the exclusive domain of Jews. In fact, supporting Israel should be the work of all right-minded, freedom-loving, people regardless of race, color, class or hot dog condiment preference (mustard and sauerkraut please). But, every once in a while, we get a Jewish artist full of passion and creativity working on our projects.

Matt is one of them. This is him. Well, his arm at least. This is the arm of the Artist Jew. Proud, defiant, untraditional, hard-working, capable, masculine, creative, powerful.

A Chai tattooed-arm holding a bag of concrete. Yessir

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Annie Albagli is an Artist 4 Israel

Artists 4 Israel is honored and humbled to have Annie Albagli as our installation artist responsible for the creation, execution and perfection of the Sderot Bomb Shelter Museum and Art Exhibit.

She is an exceptionally talented artist, a sincere and thoughtful individual and a curious, creative soul. Please find more information about Annie and enjoy her body of work HERE

A4I is for the kids

After 12 hours of construction work in 90 degree heat and with little technical know-how, the Artists 4 Israel crew was in need of a morale boost.

Emilio and Marianne Pane brought their brood to Seth's house to remind us why we were doing this. Their beautiful, loving children reminded us of the honesty and hope that springs eternal from the innocent children of Sderot, Israel and of the world. In Sderot, these children are under attack and they, too often, must find solace in a bomb shelter.

The world should know their story. We thank Eliana and Luca for reminding us of them.

Artists 4 Israel Build a Bomb Shelter Museum

These are the first pictures.

Not only are we building it. We are building it ourselves. 15 volunteers. All working in the intense heat and then in the afternoon thunderstorms.

Special thanks to Vadim (aka Mr. Knives), our capable Foreman. And, as always, to Mr. and Mrs. Wolfson who continue to open up their home (and refrigerator) to our crazy ideas and even crazier projects.

We could not have even begun this project without the generosity of Lionel Leventhal and our dedicated Board of Advisors.

More pictures coming once this sucker is built!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Chant Down Babylon

Great post regarding the importance of words at Solomonia. CLICK HERE

So Not Kosher

Three paintings depicting pigs at the Linge Polyclinic hospital have been pre-emptively removed because they might offend Muslims.

Big Things Happening in BK for A4I

Monday, July 19, 2010

An Open Letter to Israel from Craig Dershowitz: Can someone please give me a humanitarian crises?

I am posting this letter on behalf of Craig Dershowitz, President of Artists 4 Israel

Dear Israel,

As an aware citizen of this world, I have read much in the mainstream press about your "mistreatment" of Gaza and the "humanitarian crises" you have created in that terrorist fiefdom.

Included among the sufferings and abuses prevalent in Gaza are overstocked grocery stores, a luxury shopping mall, a municipal swimming pool, air-conditioned apartments and multiple millions of dollars in aid. The amount of city and state services administered by Israel for the people of Gaza are mind-blowing. New roads are being built, transportation is booming.

I am an American. I have been unemployed for over a year. The TARP and related stimulus plan to fix the economy has done wonders for the bigwigs of Corporate America but absolutely nothing for us working class stiffs. I have a fan but no a.c. I am aware of only one municipal swimming pool in reasonable traveling distance and it is currently closed. Our only mall in New York City is half boarded up. Our grocery stores are packed too but we can barely afford to buy the food on its shelves. Con-Ed is far less responsive to my needs than I would like. The 2nd Avenue Subway is still unbuilt. Of course, Lebron decided not to come here. New Yorkers are sweating, broke and angry.

Considering the above, I appeal to Israel to give me and my fellow New Yorkers a humanitarian crises. In fact, I demand it! Take over Port Authority and prevent terrorist weapons from being shipped in (we all know they could use the help there) while helping to finance and build our economy and city-wide infrastructure. After all, New York actually has some intelligent people and we would appreciate the aid - unlike those guys over there.

With utmost sincerity,
Craig Dershowitz

Wait, they really do have a swimming pool?!

Damnit - I thought I was being funny when I made that "Don't Swim 30 Minutes.." joke in the last post but it turns out that the Gaza Mall has a huge swimming pool in it. At what point do the idiots wake up and apologize for believing this hoax all along?

Don't Swim 30 Minutes After Killing Jews

Hezbollah makes theme park about murder, death and terrorism. I'd be super offended if I wasn't so impressed with just how ballsy they are!

Hoping that All Falls Down: Hamas & Hezbollah - Building Doom

Supposedly, Gaza is suffering a great humanitarian crises due to the evil Egyptians that blockade their border (I know what you think I was going to say - but I don't leave no chance for being misquoted). But, how bad can things be when you are opening up Luxury Shopping Malls?

The website is HERE in case anyone wants to order "young boy's pants from Turkey," a pretty black burqa with face covering or homicide belt. Size L for me - I am trying to lose weight.

On the not-so-flip side, Hezbollah is getting down with their own construction project. Hezbollahland, featuring pictures of dead Israelis, destroyed Israeli equipment and celebrations of murder and death is an amusement park for haters and low-lives.

“We’re going to build motels, playgrounds, camping areas, even spas or swimming pools so that all of the visitors — especially our people — can come here and spend their weekends or vacations,” the guide says. Awesome!

Calm Before the Storm

I am about to report on some negative stuff. So, I figured that I would offer this bit of joy as a respite.
You are welcome.

Artists 4 Israel and One Radical Settler

Marc Prowisor lives in an area of Israel called a "disputed territory." It is an area that was not in dispute from the times of the Bible until about 40 years ago when a bunch of terrorists tried to take over Jordan, lost, got kicked out and decided to try to take over Israel. What can you say? Things happen, right?

Now, the media would you have you believe that Marc and his friends, neighbors, wife, children and all those who live in the disputed territories are some sort of peace-eating monsters. Nothing could be further from the truth. They are the ones who actively live side by side with Arab populations and work, create and hope together. And, yes, when there is a terrorist attack or a provocation by the evil, terrorist masters of Gaza - they also fight.

Marc fights well. But, he also speaks, listens and thinks well. We asked him to speak to our Painting in the (P)ark class. It was a trick - I just wanted our artists to see a real live "settler" in person - to break the myth and taboo of bearded radicals that the media has created. He did that. But, he also engaged a few of our more liberal minded artists in discussion. And, believe me, they left the class both better artists and better informed citizens.

Painting in the (P)ark: 3rd Class

Another perfectly beautiful Sunday. And, this time - no rain!

I mean, I know they call it water color - but it was starting to get ridiculous.

Even better was the concert provided by the family of singers. What a stirring rendition of Ava Maria.

Anyone know anything about Bethesda Fountain?

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Artists 4 Israel Builds a Bomb Shelter

Please help and DONATE HERE

Welcome, Missy Elliot

Like Elton John, DJ Shadow and DJ Tiesto, another wildly popular artist has touched down on the beautiful shores of Israel. Missy Elliot arrived today to do some sight-seeing and will rock a sure to be sold-out concert tomorrow.

Artists 4 Israel and EA rock Billboard

Steve Schnur, Worldwide Executive of Music and Marketing at Electronic Arts, the leading video game creative company, has sent THIS LETTER to Billboard Magazine in defense of Israel. Thank you, Steve.

To quote:
Music is our shared common language, one that transcends words and hatred. And because music speaks its mind and knows no borders, it is vital that it be heard everywhere there are voices of support, dissent or need. "Peace," Eli Wiesel once wrote, "is not God's gift to his creatures. It is our gift to each other." The same can be said of music. And it is a dialogue that must continue.

DJ Shadow Plays Israel: Media Silent

Last night, one of the most inventive and popular DJs played a huge show in Israel. And, from what Artists 4 Israel was told, he was awesome! Where is all the press on this one? Every time so two-bit, washed-up, hack of a band cancels a gig in Israel, the press goes crazy. But, each and every day, musicians at the top of their game and genre rock the stages of Israel.

So, DJ Shadow - we support you. International media - you failed.

Press: Meital Dohan and Artists 4 Israel are Beyond the Conflict

Meital Dohan was ranked as the number 2 most popular Israeli actress in the US according to Israel21c, a website that focuses on the positive of Israeli culture. They did a great job of mentioning her involvement with Artists 4 Israel and our Murality program.


Wednesday, July 14, 2010

It is official. A4I is pending.

It is official. As of 3:30 am, Artists 4 Israel is officially "pending" 501c3 status. It took a ton of work, prodding and advice from Jenny Kagan and Racquel Reinstein, countless bags of Klik chocolate, every single red and orange Sour Patch Kid in 3 Duane Reades, most of the Wolfson family's printer ink, a calming spirit and sage advice from Irene S., one birthday party for a lawyer turned into "let me ask you a hypothetical question" hour-long session, two Academy Bus Line tickets, no staples - the IRS hates staples, $850 dollars, a game of Wii Tennis...

...and the absolute dogged determination, intelligence and creativity of Seth Wolfson, Tara Gordon and Craig Dershowitz.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010