Thursday, July 8, 2010

Two uses of Art: While they hate, Israeli artists come together for a good cause, fighting cancer

While the supporters of terrorism and Gaza (are those really two separate words) are using art to make hateful songs about Israel, Israel is using music and art to come together for a good cause and try to heal the world.

I am not going to promote their propaganda but I will promote our beauty.

Yes, it is that simple.

Some information below and full article HERE

The goal of Pioneers For a Cure is to raise money for cancer research and treatment. To date, more than 20 cancer organizations have thus far received proceeds from song downloads and donations, coming through the website from donors all over the world.

Israeli Stars Record Their Country's First Songs

While the first phase of Pioneers for a Cure focused on Jewish musicians based in New York recording newly rediscovered gems, the second phase features Israeli musicians living in Israel, singing well known music of their nation's pioneers and chosen by the musicians themselves...

..Among them are one of Israel's most legendary entertainers, singers, actors, and directors: Yehoram Gaon, who has produced almost fifty albums, performed extensively in Israel and abroad and starred in television and movie productions, rising star Tsahi Halevi (aka Zaak), an actor and musician who has toured the world with international percussion group Mayumana and performed with Israel's biggest salsa band, Walakata, and Shai Gabso, who rose to fame as 2nd runner up on Kochav Nolad, the Israeli equivalent of American Idol...

Pioneers For a Cure has received tremendous support in Israel, with Israeli television and radio doing features on the project. The Israel Broadcasting Authority is planning specials around the Pioneers for a Cure sessions, and noted NPR correspondent John Kalish will be traveling to Israel to film a documentary on the project to coincide with the Pioneers For a Cure website relaunch.

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