Monday, July 26, 2010

The Artist Jew by Artists 4 Israel

Artists 4 Israel is not a Jewish organization. Being an artist and supporting Israel is not the exclusive domain of Jews. In fact, supporting Israel should be the work of all right-minded, freedom-loving, people regardless of race, color, class or hot dog condiment preference (mustard and sauerkraut please). But, every once in a while, we get a Jewish artist full of passion and creativity working on our projects.

Matt is one of them. This is him. Well, his arm at least. This is the arm of the Artist Jew. Proud, defiant, untraditional, hard-working, capable, masculine, creative, powerful.

A Chai tattooed-arm holding a bag of concrete. Yessir


  1. I am an artist, textile and fashion designer. I have many paper and card patterns for making all sorts of women's clothes - my designs. I do not want to throw them away. I would like to send them to a women's group in Sderot who can sew and can have fun and make some clothes. I can also send instructions for each pattern and a picture of the finished garment.

    I am planning to come to Israel but not yet. I would love to do some textile printing and clothes-making with people from Sderot! Meanwhile, is there any way you can find out if these patterns would be welcomed by people there? I would be most grateful!!Thank you so much! Am Yisroel chai!

    My email is:

  2. 耐心是一株很苦的植物,但果實卻很甜美。..................................................