Monday, July 19, 2010

Artists 4 Israel and One Radical Settler

Marc Prowisor lives in an area of Israel called a "disputed territory." It is an area that was not in dispute from the times of the Bible until about 40 years ago when a bunch of terrorists tried to take over Jordan, lost, got kicked out and decided to try to take over Israel. What can you say? Things happen, right?

Now, the media would you have you believe that Marc and his friends, neighbors, wife, children and all those who live in the disputed territories are some sort of peace-eating monsters. Nothing could be further from the truth. They are the ones who actively live side by side with Arab populations and work, create and hope together. And, yes, when there is a terrorist attack or a provocation by the evil, terrorist masters of Gaza - they also fight.

Marc fights well. But, he also speaks, listens and thinks well. We asked him to speak to our Painting in the (P)ark class. It was a trick - I just wanted our artists to see a real live "settler" in person - to break the myth and taboo of bearded radicals that the media has created. He did that. But, he also engaged a few of our more liberal minded artists in discussion. And, believe me, they left the class both better artists and better informed citizens.

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