Tuesday, April 5, 2011

RIP Juliano Mer-Khamis

Juliano Mer-Khamis, an actor most recently known for his role in the piece of puff propaganda and buffoonery known as MIRAL has been shot dead inside the West Bank.

The papers will report this as a story of "life imitating art" as the film decries the rough and violent (and fake) world Palestinians face living so near to Israel. But, Miral is a lie, a fabrication of exploitation and violence porn intended not as a work of art but as an advertisement for phony Palestinian suffering. Instead, this is an example of "life being offended by a used car commercial masquerading as art and showing what real life is." In this case, real life is that 80% of Palestinians would rather live under Israeli control because, in Israel, they have freedoms, rights and safety but in their own communities, they have dictators, violent thugs, a culture obsessed with death and a near-sighted arts community making films about lies and misinformation. In this case, Juliano had many happy, free, life-affirming moments in Israel and only met his end when the Hamas bullies that terrorize Israel found him in their way and ended his life.

As an arts organization, Artists 4 Israel mourns the passing of any actor. We hope that his death will not be misused by the propagandists of Palestine and will, instead, cast a truthful light on the violent, thuggish nature of the enemy Israel faces everyday. We hope that artists will stop making lies and start looking seriously and honestly at the situation in the Middle East!

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