Tuesday, September 18, 2012

3.3 Mill for Rushdie's Death - Do I hear 4?

Salman Rushdie, known for dating out of his league and also for being one of the greatest living authors will be one of the greatest dead authors if the 15 of Khordad Foundation has its way. The Khordad Foundation, a group that supports the Ayatollah and his attempts to destroy Israel, the US and good literature, has just added $500,000 to the Fatwa against Sir Rushdie bringing the grand total to $3.3 million.

I happen to think that Salman could go higher. He is at least a 4 million man and, I would argue, upwards of 6. The 15 of Khordad Foundation blames Sir Rushdie for causing the creation of the Innocence of Muslims (all things considered, a satirical title) and use that as justification for the price increase. If that is the case - why not blame him for other things - the terrible new Zadie Smith novel, the disappointing performance of Matthew Perry in NBC's Go On or the fact that no one has yet found a suitable movie role for Steve Guttenberg. I mean, seriously, that man is an acting genius!

The Khordad Foundation has provided no proof that they even have the $500,000 available upon payment and I don't know, were I one who was into murdering people as a form of literary criticism, if I would trust a group such as theirs. Let's hope we never find out if they are good for it.

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