Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Israeli Ballet Scares Displaced Jordanians!

Apparently, Israeli ballet terrifies Adalah, which is an 'action group' for Displaced Jordanians known as 'Palestinians.'

A group of protestors in Burlington, Vermont interrupted a ballet performance of a touring Israeli ballet company last Friday, claiming that the ballet supported 'apartheid.' In fact, as we all know, Israeli society is pluralistic, and open to people of all religious and ethnic persuasions. Of course, the same cannot be said of 'Palestinian' society, where women have been arrested for the 'crime' of laughing. (Somehow the 'action group' Adalah 'forgot' to protest that one!)

Because Israeli society is as far from 'apartheid' as it gets, and there is total lack of even a scintilla of truth to the 'apartheid' claim, the only reason I can ultimately gather for this concern over Israeli ballet is that Adalah has a fear of leotards and tights.

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