Wednesday, February 17, 2010

James Cameron supports A4I's message

In contrast to the lie that was being spread (by the usual thugs) that James Cameron supports a boycott of Israeli filmmakers, James Cameron (and Jane Fonda, someone known as not generally friendly to Israel!) came out against a boycott of Israeli films.

See the story here.

The whole thing is quasi-comical. The Displaced Jordanians demonstrate as little Avatar elfin figures, implicitly pretending to speak for the message of the movie, and the director of Avatar lays down the smackdown on the attempted boycott of Israeli films. Just priceless.

In any case, Israel has quite the bustling film industry, and Hollywood would be only hurting itself through a boycott - it is with pride that I write about Ajami, an Israeli film that is nominated for an Academy Award (best foreign film), representing Israel's third Academy Award nomination in a row!

Ultimately, James Cameron's message is A4I's message - Art, not propaganda!

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