Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The EU colonizes Israel

In academia, what the EU is doing in Israel, via its support for certain political parties and persuasions in Israel, is known as "neo-colonialism." Can you imagine if Israel actually funded certain political parties in the EU? Israel is NOT doing that - and yet despite NOT doing that, there is a scare mongering of the frightening "Israel lobby."

The EU has realized that it cannot get what it wants from Israel via traditional diplomatic means, and so it has resorted to paying for certain political influence within the state.

Well, in any case, Artists 4 Israel doesn't need the millions of dollars that other un-named organizations which falsely claim to value "peace" get from foreign sources. We are all volunteer and are doing everything through hard work and creativity. Everything we accomplish is done through our work, and is not a product of neo-colonialist foreign enterprises.

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