Monday, August 31, 2009

Artist and Liar

Viktor Miskiano and Zdenka Badovinac, who look shockingly like Boris and Natasha, are either staunch principalists or money-hungry art whores pimping themselves to the highest bidder.

According to all involved, the two Russian curators pulled out of curating ArtTLV, the Israeli art biennial, because they wanted and were denied for the organizers of the art show to condemn Israel's defensive war against the terrorists in Gaza known as Operation Cast Lead.

But, if you research the topic further, you find that Israel was unwilling to pay the curators the amount they demanded, forcing the question: who is paying them? As we have discussed previously, Hamas' culture and propaganda ministers are on an arts kick and maybe they found the bigger bucks. I mean, Zdenka did come to a defense of Communism in this article - maybe she is just trying to get some more cash to give out to the people, right Comrade?

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