Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Lambada & Israel

Lambada, which might be one of the best worst movies of all time, starring an actor named Shabba-Doo (pictured below), was created by two Israeli immigrants.

Menaham Golan and Yoram Globus came to America with a dream to make movies. Proud of their adopted country and the similarities between Israel and the U.S., most of their films were overtly and unashamedly patriotic. Among them, Cobra and Delta Force, starring the indestructible Chuck Norris. Good for them!

They also made Breakin', Breakin' 2: The Electric Bugaloo and the aforementioned Lambada, post script: SET THE NIGHT ON FIRE!

As Hollywood got taken over by an overtly anti-American agenda and the enemies of Israel began buying their way and their plot lines into movies, the fare produced by Golan and Globus found more and more difficulty in distribution. Not even the great-terrible dance flicks could save them.

A shame.

Support Israel. Rent Lambada!

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