Friday, December 31, 2010

let the promiscuity begin!

Who's in? I'm all hot, bothered, and excited after seeing the hilarious and highly sexual video "Burqa Woman" by Saad Haroon. It's just tickles this lizard part of my brain and I can't seem to control myself!

Ok that is my poor attempt at humor, I'll leave it to the professionals like Saad Haroon. It is a funny video though. Saad is a stand up comedian who performs in both English and Urdu in Pakistan. He is an up and coming comedian who is planning his first international tour. Unfortunately this foray into music video parody didn't go as well as planned because the negative feedback is ranging from "people are going to laugh at us" to people wanting him stoned to death. yes, you read that correctly.

It is reactions like this that regress my mind into that of a three year old asking these people what is the worst that can happen. Will you be punished for being funny or for laughing at a serious topic presented in a humorous manner? There is a log jam in my brain of functional thought because insane reactions are suppressing rationality and causing stupefying confusion. Is there something in the video I'm not seeing? nope, because it is hilarious.

The people with the negative reactions seem to forget that Saad is an observant Muslim and it is highly likely that he did everything on the straight and narrow to make this video. He took so much care not to touch the woman in the hilarious scene of him 'pushing' a woman on a swing. Is the fact that he is funny or a comedian make him into a bad Muslim that deserves death or punishment? It's not like comedy or arabic comedy is a new thing. There are examples from old poets (see quote in the middle from article on top) to the modern day "Axis of Evil" Comedy Tour.

So let's celebrate this comedian and his work instead of trying to shut him up.

ps "i'll go home practice flirting, with a living room curtain." If you aren't on the floor something may be wrong with the comedy part of your brain.

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