Thursday, May 26, 2011

We all scream for ice-cream

In Shiloh, Artists 4 Israel was painting two elementary schools. It was over 90 degrees and our artists were surviving on cold water and smiles. Watching them sweat away, we decided to buy ice cream for everyone. I mean if you are going to be hot - you might as well be fat too!

Craig went to the local grocery store and stocked up. He bought a bunch of the Watermelon ice cream bar that has become our unofficial mascot on this trip and a handful of other chocolatey-cool happiness. The clerk, a true Sabra, who happens to own the store (told you it was a small town) was ringing the items up without looking. Near the end, he picks his head up from the register and notices Craig.

"You're one of the artists," he says. "Sort of," say Craig.

The store owner stops, gathers up all the ice cream in one big pile and thrusts it at Craig. "You take these. For you."
"How much do I owe you?" Craig asks.

The store owner pushes them into Craig's hands, puts his own hands (now ice cream free) to his heart and says "It is an honor to give them to you. Please, take them. You have touched the lives of everyone in Shiloh. Please. Please. It is my honor."

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