Friday, August 3, 2012

Blood Sugar Sex Magic: Why Israel Wins

The Red Hot Chili Peppers have, rightfully, decided to perform in Israel. A very RHCP style explanation video can be found HERE.

Of course, like every band that wishes to perform in Israel, that wishes to share its music with a country known for supporting live music, promoting art and the creation of beauty, RHCP have been met with the usual maelstrom of hate, misinformation, threats, intimidation and completely illogical South Africa, Sun City references by BDS and its various sub-groups of sub-intellects saying sub-logical sub-stance-less nonsense about how they should not perform. The BDS and other supporters of the tyranny and terrorism of Gaza seek to wipe art off the map of the Middle East. Whew.

The sad truth is that too many fall for the BDS's rhetoric, failing to look more deeply into the issue. The happy truth is that most of those who do cancel concerts tend to be washed-up, irrelevant, past their prime if they ever had one, acts and hacks. I imagine that, by pretending they might play in Israel and then canceling, these bands desperately hold on to just a few more seconds of their 15 minutes. Alice Walker - seriously? I mean, she once was an author, right?

On the other hand, the important, creative, cutting-edge, progressive and, lets just say it, relevant bands continue to make the educated decision and perform in the country that is itself the birthplace of so much great art. Just recently, Justin Beiber (hey, say what you want but the kid is talented) Madonna, Morrissey and, now, the Chili Peppers have decided to perform.

It is good times to be a music fan in Israel.

The concert will be September 10 in Tel Aviv.

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