Sunday, February 3, 2013

Dershowitz vs. Dershowitz

On behalf of Craig Dershowitz

Alan Dershowitz is quickly becoming a liability in the Israeli advocacy community.

I first noticed this trend HERE, during the Goldstone Report debacle. Then, Alan had begun his habit of entering into debates with an increasingly imbecilic group of individuals, ideas and, in the worst case, inanimate objects (Note: I am not certain to which which category Noam Chomky belongs). Each time, he provided legitimacy to and increased press attention for the very things he was hoping to discredit.

It is wished that were a competing set of thoughts made public, discussed fairly and equally considered, the right opinion would be dominant and the wrong one would fade into obscurity. Perhaps that is true in the halls of premiere academia where Alan spends much of his time. Perhaps that is true in the courtrooms and lavish dinner parties where he spends the rest of his time. But, it is not true in almost any other context or setting.

It is even less the case in regards to the BDS and its appearance at Brooklyn College. Like discussed HERE, in the case of the revolving doors, the BDS and its scissor sister PACBI are much more small than we exaggerate them to be. How woefully unworthy are they of the attention of Professor Dershowitz. How grandiose they appear when our greatest thinkers consider them worthy of opposition. How incredibly well-known they become when our greatest thinkers, political figures and "leaders" (who more and more frequently do not lead anyone) place their silly little meetings on the cover of the newspapers. Seriously, we are up in arms over the BDS "national conference"? Sounds prestigious, no? No. What sort of "national" anything consists of one or two speeches by repetitive hacks like Judy and Omar B? Only when placed beside the efforts of such formerly heroic Israeli advocates does such a worthless event amount to anything at all.

Artists 4 Israel knows the mindset of New York, of the BDS and of the college student. It would be best were we allowed to lead in this regard and not the upper echelon of thinkers who are no longer capable as doers.

Time and again I am asked asked if Alan and I are related. The answer, I believe, is yes although I also believe it to be of little consequence. Alan is a far more distinguished, accomplished and educated man than am I. But, perhaps for those reasons, a far less skilled advocate. He is a proud, unwavering hero who has stood before death threats, intimidation and hatred without bowing. Now, though, he should consider bowing out. Alan Dershowitz has reached the pinnacle of intellect and righteous understanding of Israel. Let him stay there and leave the work to those who have not yet peaked.

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