Thursday, June 20, 2013

An Open Letter to Max Blumenthal, Philip Weiss and Mondoweiss

In response to this ARTICLE

Dear Max and all,

It is an absolute honor to have your undivided attention. Truly, I appreciate that you have spent countless hours researching me, exploring the depths of google, listening to my speeches, observing my actions, studying not only what I have written but what others have written about me, admiring my appearance, commenting on my looks, talking to others about me and learning my life's most intimate and personal sadnesses.

As you made clear, I love many things. I love Israel. I love art. I love creativity. I love my dog. I love freedoms.

What do you love? Besides me, what occupies your time?

It is hurtful to have my most personal issues dragged up and exposed once again. But, it gives me great joy to know that you have so little negative to say about the organization I helped build and the country that organization supports that you must resort to personal attacks on a lone individual.

So, why you continue to obsess over those that strive for peace and beauty in our world, I will take your words as impetus to continue to create.

(PS: I am 36, not 32 and I am nowhere near affluent - but thanks though!).

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