Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Experiment is a Success! Love and Licenses wins!

Off Broadway, Experimental Theater in Support of Israel.

A4I constantly on the next level.

Sold out performance. Opened auxiliary seating for another 100 chairs.

Diverse crowd from ages 15 to 55. For many, this was their first time hearing about Israel. For others, this was a changing of the guard. Important Jewish leaders recognizing the importance of A4I.

It could not have been done without Seth Wolfson, Tara Gordon, Marianne Pane, Racquel Reinstein, Alicia Post and many, many others.

Thank you to the CSS for their diligence.

To the old man who was disgusted by the "unnatural" gay kissing scene. Wake up, times are different. Israel defends all rights, regardless of race, religion or sexual orientation. No one else is effectively reaching out to the gay community. A4I is.

Equity - hahaha. Who shot ya!?

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