Sunday, January 17, 2010

Isramerica: Sisters Doin' It Right

When Sivan first approached A4I about co-sponsoring their inaugural show, we were skeptical. Literally coming out of nowhere, she, Sharon and the other ladies had an ambitious dream that seemed too grand for anyone (no matter how talented) to pull off. But, there is never enough good, Jewish art and an opportunity to see more and to watch these young women shape and mold it into a professional performance of epic proportions was irresistible.

They met, then exceeded, then literally shattered all our expectations. We witnessed a true "moment" in theater and performance, seeing the height of the talent offered by the ex-patriate community displayed with grace and excitement.

The second show has ambitions to top even that.

I am worried I won't have the adjectives to praise the next one enough. But, I accept the challenge.

Buy your tickets now. It will be worth it.

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