Thursday, June 2, 2011

It's Legal, I swear

There is a common phrase that always gets made concerning Israel, "illegal occupation". People who are anti-Israel always seem to tout their knowledge of this issue by declaring that they know what is legal and illegal under International Law. I usually respond in some different ways but honestly I didn't really know how far back you can trace just the legal aspect of the whole situation.

Here is a video, watch it. Relax, there are english translations at the top.

I personally love this video trend started by Apple and UPS. All the clutter and gimmicks are just blown away and the simple truth is pushed to the forefront. All the legal issues being disputed are easily explained. So much so that it seems pretty obvious to anyone. Do what i did and double check what he says, it's all right out there in the history books. It is a good brush up on the history of Israel and it's formation.

p.s. I would like to thank the Coen Brothers, Bob Dylan, Deep Purple, Paul Simon, and all the other amazing artists that have come to preform or support Israel recently. Thank you.

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