Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Love Stories: Part 1

Israel is full of beautiful love stories. Here is one of my favorites.

"I met my wife in Belgium. She was working in a cafe and when I walked in, she had just finished closing. I was exhausted and hungry and before I could beg her for a quick bite, she said to me 'I am going to cook you dinner because I saw you on the Temple Mount in Israel and fell in love with you then.' I had never been to Israel and had no desire to ever go. But, she was beautiful, and cooking for me and I let her believe whatever she wanted to believe. I ate, we spoke and then went out separate ways. A year later, my father got re-married. His new wife was an artist and she wanted to travel the world to paint. I accompanied them and we ended up in Israel. My father's new wife's family owned a restaurant in Jerusalem and while we were there, her Uncle passed away and we inherited this small cafe that was not more than 10 steps away from the Temple Mount. I would go out every morning to walk and enjoy the view of Jerusalem when I walked into that same beautiful woman who had made me dinner in Belgium a year ago. We were married two days later and spent the next 10 years running our cafe and excavating the area around us, practicing art and living her dream."

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