Saturday, December 31, 2011

An Open Letter to the Angry Arab

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Dear Angry Arab,

On December 30, 2011, you re-posted two articles regarding Artists 4 Israel. While both articles were critical of a one of our programs, they were respectful in tone and appreciative of our many other initiatives.

Your re-posting was without any critical, rational or intelligent consideration. In fact, other than re-print the letter and links sent to you, your only additions were the following: 1: You misspelled our name and 2: you accused us of “war crimes.”

Angry Arab, using the term “war crimes” so blithely is a gross insult to the many actual victims of such crimes. While it is also a great insult to us and a nearly insurmountable barrier to dialogue and peace, that pales in comparison to the disgusting and immoral misuse of the term in regards to those who have suffered or, even, perished due to actual crimes. By muddying the definition, you make the opportunity for such crimes to continue into the future far too probable as people become desensitized to its usage. “War crimes” is not a tool of rhetoric.

Of course, yours is a site that also disparages Mother Theresa and exploits the suffering of Arab children to increase your hit count so it is clear that sensitivity is not your modus operandi. Your post was shameful and embarrassing.

Craig Dershowitz
Artists 4 Israel

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