Saturday, December 31, 2011

An Open Letter to RJ Rushmore

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Dear RJ,

A man’s friends say a lot about the man.

The Angry Arab blog (the actual name of his blog) re-posted a letter you sent to him asking him to help “spread the word” about Artists 4 Israel. While I do appreciate your work on behalf of our PR and marketing, I think you should choose more moral and credible allies.

The Angry Arab did nothing more than re-post your e-mail with two minor additions. 1: He misspelled our name in the subject line and 2: he accused us of “war crimes.” As one whose family suffered from the Holocaust and as a sensitive being who feels compassion for the victims of war crimes throughout the world, I find this flippant usage of that term abhorrent. Besides my personal and professional outrage, such usage portends terrible consequences as it has the potential to desensitize people to the actual horror of such a term. I think you would be quite saddened if “war crimes” became a rhetorical tool or every-day insult.

RJ, although I have, obviously, disagreed with your opinion of Artists 4 Israel and found you to be somewhat confused in your own thoughts, I have respected the rather civil and professional way in which you have expressed yourself. This is a step too far and I hope you will disavow your relationship with the blog that treads on the memories of the poor victims of actual war crimes.

Craig Dershowitz
Artists 4 Israel

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