Wednesday, February 16, 2011

good riddance

(picture from the guardian, I think)
One of the easiest ways to judge a person is by what they say. Blasted all over the news is the story of CBS '60 minutes' reporter Lara Logan getting physically and sexually assaulted during the celebrations after Former President Mubarak stepped down. What makes the story more intense for me is the pictures and video taken right before this event happened. Thankfully other people came to her and her crewmen's rescue and that they all are safe now. The story takes an odd turn from there.

Permanently attached to the story are the incredibly offensive and disturbing tweets sent out by Nir Rosen who is a Fellow at the Center on Law and Security at NYU School of Law. Excuse me, FORMER Fellow at the Center on Law and Security at NYU School of Law. (If you want to read his tweets they are everywhere but here is an article that also includes some correspondence from Rosen)

Why am I mentioning all this here on this blog? Simply because I'm effing glad this yutz is shown for the disgusting moron he is. The above article puts the focus on how apologetic he is and how he was tired and how he didn't realize things aren't private on the internet. All I can say is "BULLSHIT", it isn't the point!!

This was one of those few events I actually saw unfold live on the internet since it happens so fast and I spend way too much time surfing news and comedy sites. I can't explain why but when his tweets and the fact that he was an NYU professor came to light I wondered what his thoughts on Israel were. Odd I know but I'm glad I was curious. From this article published in 2008 on english aljazeera he seems to be the rare Jewish American who is against Israel defending itself. Then I read more of his articles and my mind was spinning. Everything he writes is slanted and skewed. Some hide behind the fact that they are 'opinion' articles. I don't care how respected of a journalist he has become because he has built career specifically not being impartial (note: from reading other articles listed on his wikipedia page). Either you are an impartial journalist or and opinion columnist. You can't have it both ways.

I don't like his views on Israel. I really don't like his views on Hamas. I especially don't like his views on women. I don't care that he apologized (not the half-assed first time). You judge a person on what they say (especially in moments when they aren't thinking). What a journalist says is all that they are worth. This one is worthless.

p.s. Get better soon Lara Logan. 60 minutes needs you.

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