Tuesday, February 8, 2011

hello tree, where is the forest?

If you want to understand the expression "missing the forest for the trees", then go ahead and read this odd article posted today. The author is asking that Ian McEwan (pictured above) not go to Israel to receive the Jerusalem Prize. This is a prestigious literature award given to foreign authors who "best expresses and promotes the idea of freedom of the individual in society" in an environment of "political and social turmoil."

Yep it sure sounds like this pro-Israel, anti boycott, pro-apartheid is an ass for accepting an award based on his talents. However that description is totally wrong! This is a man who (wrongly) thinks that there are similarities "between east Jerusalemites and black South Africans under apartheid". This is a man who is for the boycott and by the author's account sounds pretty anti Israel.

Why am I defending him? Why am I in favor of him accepting his award? It's simple, because he won an award based on something he wrote. He defends himself extremely well in the article. He doesn't believe that an award ceremony should be politicized and he is right! It is an award based on merit on a topic that crosses all borders given in a land that cherishes a free voice whether or not is on it's side. I'd love to see an award for freedom presented in Iran, Syria, Saudi Arabia, or Gaza. The people in power there don't want/cherish/promote freedom they foster oppression.

The author's pathetic attempts to convince us (and Mr. McEwan) are just simplistic childhood bullying tactics. It boils down to argument that every other celebrity/fellow author/rapper (really?)/actor/singer isn't going to Israel so you shouldn't either. To which I'd reply "if all your friends jumped off a bridge..."

I say let him go get his award. Let him see the real Israel instead of the drivel spewed from it's lying detractors. Let him have a chance to change his mind and not stay home with his thumbs in his ears the way you want him to.

p.s. what sickens me the most the sentence with the word "pogrom" in it. Freaking ass.

p.p.s my favorite hypocritical part was...

The BDS insists that while art may change the hearts and minds of individuals "in the callous hands of politicians it is but a tin trophy."

because I'd take an Israel politician's tin trophy that promotes freedom than from a politician that promotes this dreck.

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