Thursday, February 24, 2011

woah, don't be fooled by the cuteness

(Esti Ginzborg, taken by Michal Bar)

Watch out Bar-Raphaeli, there is another great model on the scene with an Israeli background. Please meet Esti Ginzberg one of the models featured in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition. To be fair, she was also featured in '09 and '10. However this year with her star rising she has been featured a bit more.

I do have two reasons for mentioning her and no I'm not making a perverted joke. The first is the obvious. She embodies core human and Israeli freedoms of expression, speech, and woman's rights. As a model and actress (drug and angst film twelve in'10) she is one of Israel's rising stars that has great pose and grace.

The other reason is that she is a total badass. Unlike Bar-Raphaeli, she did not shy away from her military service. In fact she welcomed it. "Military service is part of the things I personallybelieve in." If being in the military doesn't up someone's hot quotient I don't know what will.

You are awesome Esti, keep it up!

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