Thursday, March 24, 2011

An Arab's Thought Experiment

A recent article posed a very interesting thought experiment but definitely not an original one. What surprised me about it was the author and location of it. The article titled "What if Arabs had recognized the State of Israel in 1948?" by Commodore (Retd.) Abdulateef Al-Mulhim of the Royal Saudi Navy was posted in the Arab News opinion column.

It is a simple article that traces the path of death that resulted from the decision to not recognize Israel as a state. The article doesn't apologize for or favor anyone. If anything the article highlights how manipulated of a people the Palestinians have been over 60 years. I don't think it excuses their actions in the slightest but it does make them seem more pathetic and small in my eyes since they want so desperately have some type of control over there lives.

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