Friday, March 25, 2011

Artists 4 Israel Owns the Streets and Bests J Street

In this photo from Page 6 of today's (Friday, March 25th) New York Times, an article on J Street - a bunch of silly, little, misinformed artists that use propaganda to spread lies about Israel all while pretending to actually support Israel - there is a much more important piece of information. Look at the picture. It is a bomb shelter in Sderot, Israel. It is the heart of the issue. It is the very place where Hamas terrorists fire rockets into Israel and try to kill innocent Israeli civilians, women and babies. And, on that bomb shelter, is a piece of graffiti from SKI - a world famous artist from New York. This was a quick piece from him - a "tag" or, as they say "signature" of his work. It was his signature to say he had been there - that he had come to show his love and support for the land.

So, while J Street keeps paying some fancy publicist to get their name and stupid, little mission into the papers - Artists 4 Israel will keep walking the walk, talking the talk and being the main idea in the most important place. Their article was a few hundred words. Our picture was worth at least a thousand.

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