Tuesday, March 22, 2011

At Least Someone Gets It...

I'll fully admit that Gene Simmons media persona and attitude rub me the wrong way sometimes but dam does he make some good points every now and again. In a recent interview he calls out all the musicians who have boycotted Israel as 'fools'. He goes on to further state that the boycott-ers should focus on the countries that are currently in turmoil from the lack of basic freedoms.

There is a lot I didn't know about the man that the article lays out. Sure, I knew he was jewish and that his real name is Chaim Witz (we all saw that family guy episode). What I didn't know was that he is actually from Haifa, Israel and is almost as old as Israel. Stories that he has revealed from his childhood really hit home.

I can't praise him for just calling these yahoos out now. What really sticks out to me is the televised message sent to a wounded Israeli solder during the 2006 Lebanese conflict. To Gene Simmons (Chaim Witz) all I can say is please keep it up and I hope your trip to Israel is amazing. If you need anything, hit us up, we got connections.

p.s. If I hear "Rock and Roll All Night" on the radio anymore I may scream. If the band is as good as everyone says, then please play their other music. "I Was Made For Loving You" is a selection just off the top of my head. That is all I have to say about that.

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