Monday, June 7, 2010

UR New York (2ESAE and SKI) join Artists 4 Israel

Teamed together thru the art of grafitti Mike Baca aka 2ESAE and Fernando Romero aka SKI joined forces with the intentions to learn and grow as artists. Prior to the thought of ever making a living from creating art, we were forcing people to view our work around the city, illegally. We spent years painting the streets and dealing with the repercussions of the law until we decided to do something positive with our talents by forming a collective. We have put together nearly 50 show/events in the U.S and Internationally. The collective is based on the philosophy of creation through destruction, transforming the street graffiti perception into positive urban-industrial art. All members are New York based artists. We primarily began doing art on the streets and subway system of the city before ever touching a canvas. Collectively, each member adds not only a long history of graffiti experience but also different styles, tools and creative elements we implement into our creative process. We combine the uses of photography, paints, silk-screen, graphic design, illustrations, rust oxidation and collage to our works. Today, we have become a permanent fixture in Soho, New York as our art speaks to people of all ages, color and cultures across the globe. Collectively, we have showcased our work in many venues in the U.S and Internationally including the Museum of Modern Art in NYC, VH1 private television event, Sundance Film Festival 2007, Inoperable gallery in Vienna and in Australia amongst others places. Aside from creating and selling art, we take time off to give back to our community. We do motivational speaking at elementary and high schools such as East Tremont Elementary School in the Bronx, West Orange HS in New Jersey, and Bushwick HS in Brooklyn. We tell our stories to the children of the neighborhood hoping to inspire and support their artistic dreams. As a collective, we strive to work together creating, showcasing, and educating the world about our world.

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  1. honestly, 2 of my new favs! so happy to have you guys with us, it's been great getting to know you both!