Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Oxfam - Silly Pronouncements and Sillier Policy

Oxfam, which was founded in England during World War II with the mission of making England violate their own blockade of the Axis powers, has taken on another silly and suicidal mission.

They have declared that Israel should lift its sanctions against Gaza.

Of course, they have not commented on whether Hamas should quit its terrorist activities against Israel or how Israel can assure that lifting the blockade will stop weapons from reaching the terrorist armies of Gaza.

In Oxfam world, it is all about the silly pronouncement without substance or thought. So, in honor of Oxfam, I would like to pronounce that everyone should give all their money to Dreyfus Amadeus Diallo and that anyone over 5 foot 3 inches tall should walk on their hands from now on.


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