Thursday, June 10, 2010

Why Craig Dershowitz got Banned from the Pro-Israel Rally

Craig Dershowitz, the President of Artists 4 Israel is not the most agreeable person. He takes great pride in knowing that his ideas, oftentimes, rub people the wrong way. As he explains, "if everything is wrong and people think you're right...what does that really make you?"

Craig has been so wrong for the past year that he is the only one who predicted the coming "cultural terrorism" that is Hamas' latest weapon in its many-pronged attack against Israel.

He was so wrong that when he said non-Jewish artists support Israel and would prove it by traveling there and painting bomb shelters, the news was all over it. The news never reports what is expected. It reports what is unusual, that which does not fit within the framework of traditionally accepted ideas and orthodox methodologies.

Traditional ideas and orthodox methodologies are what got us Israel advocates into the mess we are in today. It is why, when Israel is the most loving, creative and moral country on the planet, it must still fight for support, compassion, acceptance and legitimacy against murderers, thieves and oppressors. The way the Israel community screwed up would be comic if its consequences weren't so incredibly dangerous.

So, when Craig was offered to speak at the It's Time to Wake Up, Rally in Support of Israel, he accepted - with an evil grin. Craig told the woman who had offered him the speaking position what he planned to say. He told her how he planned to announce the inanity of such rallies. He told her that he planned to task each affiliated organization with specific, pro-active tasks to create a true level of support for Israel as opposed to the reactive, tried and failed ideas of rallies, speeches and other public nuisances that don't increase support for Israel but, instead, just increase congestion and the annoyance of passers-by that "just want to make it to the corner store without being bombarded by some screaming Jews."

Craig was asked not to speak. He must be wrong...again.


  1. What does Craig suggest? We are a disparate group of Zionists and we want to know how to do the best for Israel and Jews. I am an artist and teacher, my friends have so many talents: please help us to focus our energies.

    You can check out my blog:

    that is just an outlet for my personal anger and frustrations but is not really effective. LOL!

    Please email me or leave a message on the blog. I am serious. We need help.

  2. Please send a message to with your e-mail and Craig will respond directly.

    Thank you so much!

  3. Yeah! Thing is, some of these rallies are for US - so we can see each other, be together, whether we have tattoos or payess (yeah, there are some). Yet - I would agree that effectiveness in getting our message out is a different matter...looking forward to hearing your ideas!

  4. The Maltz Museum has been buying-up artworks of Marc Breed's and destroying them.
    -UPI Newswire