Monday, June 25, 2012

Arts. Judaism. Israel. WUJS.

"WUJS Israel believes in providing young Jews with a holistic experience that will help them grow personally and professionally, while strengthening their connections to Israel, and carving their own path to Judaism."

I am not one to hype another organization. But, WUJS has proven themselves. Two of A4I's favorite artists (Jenna Gang and Annie Albagli - images below) are alum of this program and both speak very highly of it. So, WUJS gets credibility for that. And, the program sounds awesome too. In fact, it sounds good enough that we might need to do a little WUJS-A4I collabo. Yup-yup!

Before that happens though - consider going on their upcoming 5 month program. Included in those 5 months is a whole lot of artist-ing and Judaism-ing and getting down in a very really way. Basically, you get to learn, grow, study and actually live and work in Israel in your field. What else needs to be said? All their information below.

More information on the Tel Aviv program can be found HERE and on the Jerusalem program HERE.

Jenna and Annie:

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