Saturday, June 16, 2012

Zakir Hussain Threatened into Cancelling Israel Show

According to this article:

Zakir Hussain, Tabla player and nominee for "Best Boycottin' Hair has decided to pull out of a scheduled performance in Israel due to pressure by the INCABI (I am far too lazy to spell out the meaning of this acronym but considering it is a paid shill organization used so that the parent organization can deny responsibility when they do something hateful, illegal or violent spin-off of the PACBI, you can figure it out).

According to representatives of INCABI, Zakir cancelled his show because of some gobbledy-gook about Israeli crimes and his solidarity with the "Palestinian" people. After all, a man of Indian descent, where the ghost of a caste-system still haunts their social landscape, where Untouchables remain untouchable, where the practice of castration is still used to make beggars more appealing to the 1% and where the disparity between rich and poor is quite large and getting worse every day, should know a lot about oppression. Right? I mean, at least we know that when it comes to oppression, repression and outright discrimination, the INCABI is leading the way in practicing what it preaches against. Forget the Best Boycottin' Hair award, I am nomination the INCABI for "Highest Hypocrit Honors" award.

Well, the above is not entirely true. No, the stuff about India's great racism is. The untrue part is Zakir's reasons for not playing in Israel. According to his own press, Mr. Hussain has "'postponed' his visit because of safety concerns".


It seems that is happening a lot these days. Artists who are targeted (interesting choice of words by PACBI and their henchmen) by PACBI and their proxies feel threatened, intimidated and scared. Considering these organizations support the likes of Hamas and Fatah, terrorist regimes with near dictatorial power and waging a one-sided violent war against innocent Israeli civilians, it is not surprising that they are using fear to achieve their objectives. Dear PACBI, we are watching you.

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