Friday, June 29, 2012

Philip Weiss Embarrasses Journalists...Again

Philip Weiss, supposed journalist, creator/editor of the barely read Mondoweiss blog and seeming chest hair enthusiast, has written about Artists 4 Israel again (See Here). He wrote about us at least one other time (See Here). Both times, his blog is wrong, irresponsible and below journalistic standards. Both times, his politics are wrong, irresponsible and below moral and/or educated standards. The first time I let it slide. This time, I don't.

In his most recent posting, Philip paraphrases his guide to say that we went to Hebron "at the behest of the Jewish National Fund to cover up racist graffiti left by Jews..." First, we were not and have never been sponsored or behested (behesterred? behestering? bestedo?) by the Jewish National Fund. We would LOVE to be though - those guys are awesome!! Among many, many other things,they plant trees and assist Israel in becoming one of the most environmentally friendly countries n the world. I'd say more about them but this is my blog, not theirs.

Philip, do you have any hook-ups at the JNF? Tell them we would love a little ol' behestevestin.

Second, we were not there nor did we see nor cover-up any racist graffiti. We were there first to show our international artists Hebron in person so that they could see it for themselves and learn the truth about this very controversial area. You see, it seems that a few poorly read blogs (some run by truth-less journalists) lie about, distort, manipulate and otherwise maim the truth to spread misinformation about the Jewish presence in Hebron. We get it, Israel is so morally upstanding that people need to throw stones (quite literally) at its people.

Speaking of stones, we were also there to provide some color and joy for the Israeli soldiers who must stay stationed there, protecting our men, women and children from rock throwing and assault by our neighbors. In fact, while there, UTAH and ETHER were both attacked by stones. Two of our female friends who travelled with us were set upon and needed to run to safety.

Well, Philip, to a man (and woman) every single artist came back supporting Israel and supporting the Jewish people in Hebron. Oh, they were also like totally against being attacked. It seems that your little misinformed blog loses when faced with the light of truth.

Speaking of truth - um, well, isn't that what journalists are supposed to do? Aren't they not supposed to lie about organizations that seek to create art and beauty, like Artists 4 Israel? Aren't they not supposed to hide behind hearsay by unnamed tour guides as a way of spreading their lies? Aren't journalists not supposed to promote a report that has been renounced by its' own author and every other serious academic, historian and journalist? Just wondering.

I do know, however, that journalists are not supposed to make broad and inaccurate generalizations such as saying that our mission statement hints at a plan to cover up (non-existent) racist graffiti. I mean, I beg of you, Philip, to actually read the section (or all) of our Mission Statement that you posted and tell me where, how and in what alternate reality where journalists create news out of whole cloth, we hint at anything of the sort?

Whatever. Philip, you are a much more well-known blogger than am I. So, keep putting our name in your mouth. We love the hits!


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  1. This is an itch, an open sore, that Weiss, like other ranting leftards and mozlems, have to scratch more and more. They don't care where they get their satisfaction; it is a vile perversion.