Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Allison Kaplan Sommer Does My Job For Me

Allison Kaplan Sommer (at least I think that is her name - every time I open up the link to her wonderful article HERE it crashes my Safari so I read it real quick and am just sort of guessing at it now. P.S. Don't worry - I am sure it will work fine for you) has provided Dreyfus Amadeus Diallo with a wonderful gift - a night off of work.

You see, I ran away on the day this whole Woody Allen epic self-promotion movie in Israel news happened. So, upon my return, I figured I would be the only sane voice screaming in the wilderness that we should not fund this man any blue cent to perform his movie witchery in our borders (however you define them). Alas, I am not. No need for me to repeat any of Ms. Sommer's clear, cogent and thoughtful points. Read her article, FB share or re-tweet it or some other form of social media recognition and applaud her for excellent editorializing. Ms. Sommer does, for my testicular-ed self, go a little far in the feminist feedback but her points remain valid and serve as templates for any proud Jew who is opposed to Woody's self-immolating treatment of our people.

I will just add before some foolish functionary at the Federation does that yes, indeed, Israel needs good PR and yes, indeed, Woody Allen movies are well adored by everyone who can forgive child rape and incest irregular courting rituals but, no, when one attempts to create PR - one does not announce that they are creating PR. This is what the enemies of Israel do well...they keep secrets! Was Alice Walker paid off to say her stupid shit about Israel by the PACBI? We will never be able to prove it know.

Plus, as an actual New Yorker, I never cared for any of his NY films. Someone should have mugged him a long time ago. Woody Allen - you are not my kind of Jew and you are not wanted to make a film about Israel. Oh, and can I get your seats to a Knicks game?

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