Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Israel Action Network vs. The BDS

In or around Halloween of 2010 (that is nearly two years ago for those who can't count) the Israel Action Network was formed by the Jewish Federations of North America and the Jewish Center for Public Affairs with the expressed goals of wasting my time and money of doing something about preventing the delegitimization of Israel and fighting the culture war that Artists 4 Israel had been fighting for a few years already. With nothing but the kindest thoughts in our collective heart, we offered to help them (read HERE). We got so far as a meeting with friend and good guy David Dabscheck (David is one of six staff members in that org with the word Director in his title).

In comparison, the BDS campaign has today turned 7 years old. We forgot to mail a card. Like any 7 year old, it is petulant, obnoxious but, to many who don't know better, quite charming. They have just released a list of their major accomplishments and successes which because I don't want to promote their evil agenda for brevity's sake, I will not re-post.

The Israel Action Network has not done even one-eighth of what BDS has done. And, worse still, the IAM is working on the side of truth and what is right. How the heck you gonna be beat by liars, thieves and terrorist supporters. I hate to say it but if, as IAN paints itself, they are the direct opposition to the BDS and this is a fight, then the Israel Action Network has been knocked out cold. This is a blow not only to the multiple Directors of IAN but to the entire Israeli advocacy world, ne to the entire world that supports kindness, democracy and justice. The Jewish world trust the IAN and, so far, we are being failed.

I hope that when the IAN turns 7, they will have a track record of success like the BDS. I hope that these are only starting troubles, minor hiccups on the road to great good works. I hope, I hope, I hope.

Now, before anyone gets pissy, read the disclaimer. A4I leadership and our lowly single "Director" are way too diplomatic to say things of this nature. That is why they hire your buddy Dreyfus Diallo to spit truth.

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