Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Oppressed: Boualem Sansal

Boualem Sansal, a gifted writer of conscious who was born in Algeria and knows, first hand, the destructive power of Islamic Fundamentalism is suffering for his desire to see a world free of oppression and working towards peace. In fact, in one of Mr. Sanal's novels, he explores the relationship between the murderous Nazi Regime and the terrorist, radicalized Arab states surrounding Israel. It should be the mission of all thoughtful writers to decry any regime that might threaten the free expression of ideas through literature.

More information can be found HERE.. The best quote here: Sanal was "denounced by Hamas for 'betraying the Palestinian people'". Hamas later called the kettle to tell it that it was black.

The impetus for this threatening statement by Hamas was a visit Mr. Sansal made to Israel as a participant in the International Writers Festival held in Jerusalem. Were Israel as bad as they claim, would not its enemies want thinkers and writers to visit so they could recognize the abuses and then describe them forward? Of course this is a rhetorical question. Any answer would be as stupid as saying of Mr. Sansal and his contemporaries that they are "rags used to clean the hands of colonialists" and to consider them "brainwashed".

It heartens Artists 4 Israel to know that although Sansal has not been the victim of a fatwa, like Salman Rushdie he remains unbowed and continues to speak out on Arab and "Palestinian" hypocrisy and is working with Israeli author David Grossman on an initiative to unite writers focused on workable solutions for peace. He has rightfully described the Arab Nations as being "shut in a prison of intolerance" which reminds this author of what oppressed "Palestine" truly means - their own self-inflicted cultural, artistic and progressive restraints. We hope he, David and like-minded authors such as Tahar Ben Joullen will continue to fight attempted repression with honesty, truth and art.

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